historic adaptive designs

Historic Train Station Renovation

Today the Westtown Station Gallery features the works of Ken Kazanjian and his wife, Shelley Shultis.

Design Team: Simon Koumjian

Production Team:  Simon Koumjian III, with Simon Koumjian Associates


Located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, the 2,700 sq. ft. Westtown Train Station, built in 1859 was preserved and renovated into a house, ceramic studio with kiln and art gallery. The train station yard areas have been landscaped to display ceramic art works and sculpture.  Westtown Station currently serves as a stop on the  West Chester Railroad, heritage railway tour.

Equestrian remodeling

An array of remodeling and renovations to vernacular barn typologies, which are all preserved in a rustic aesthetic with repurposed materials.  Fung Shui principles were integrated as well, balancing wellness for the horses and their environments of grazing, stables and barn areas.


Architectural Innovation meets Science of Wellness