space integrations

Room Integrations

Design Team:

Simon Koumjian III, SKIII SpaceVariations, LLC



Edward Hennessy Co. Inc


Construction Remodel and Cabinet Fabrication: 1,200 sq. ft.

The design challenge was to remodel an existing late 70’s Kitchen and Family Room into a new modern space with an open and spatial characteristic yet providing a lot of storage cabinet space.


The remodel design removed a structural wall, large pantry closet, and all the existing Family Room and Kitchen amenities and equipment.


The finished design is a new integrated space by bridging the Family Room and Kitchen with a modern sculptural device of cabinets. The remodeled rooms combine the same custom crafted wood cabinet and shelf designs with comparable stain-finish tones, new porcelain floor finish with radiant heat, and new amenities. These functional and artistic cabinet surfaces reshape light and shadow enhancing the extent of the rooms’ shapes of integrated lines, textures, and volumes.

Wall Integrations - Sliding Mural

Wall Integrations - Entertainment Mural


Architectural Innovation meets Science of Wellness