The Oculi Sound Chamber:  2013 to Present

Design and Research Team: Simon Koumjian III with

Joseph Reitz: 2011-2013 research, design, drawing and illustrations; site visit

Kyle Blackwell: 2013 research, design, modeling, and illustrations

Nicholas Pendas: 2015 design, modeling, and illustrations

David Ciambotti: 2015 design, modeling, and illustrations


Consulting Research: 2014-2016

ZHCODE (Zaha Hadid Architects’ computation and design research group)

MBUS (Miami Beach Urban Studios, FIU)


Construction Budget Range: $ 350,000 to $550,000


Additional Project Information:



Originally inspired by the creation of a global network of Sound Peace Chambers, founded by a Native American educator and visionary, Joseph Rael, the Oculi Sound Chamber is an expansion of Rael’s vision. Known as Beautiful Painted Arrow from the Picuris Pueblo Native tradition, he pioneered the creation of 70+ of these chambers around the world; each developed with the intention of promoting peace through meditation, teaching, chanting, and indigenous ceremonies.


Envisioned as a collaborative project, the proposed Oculi Sound Chamber will consist of a series of 7 living spaces designed to harness a variety of nature’s vibrational patterns in order to create a resonance with human biology to facilitate and enhance our cell’s natural ability to heal.  These astrophysical living spaces are intended to promote a healthy lifestyle, while increasing the awareness of one’s relationship with the cosmos.


Construction of each of the 7 meditative spaces will integrate a specific oculi-spiral system with an associated living quarter.  Specifically, each oculi design will consist of an open, counterclockwise spiral strategically positioned throughout the house and oriented toward explicit stars, galaxies, and\or celestial events.


Each of the spiraled oculi will have a unique shape designed to utilize the natural forces of the wind to induce healing tones, similar to blowing across the top of a bottle.  The integration of these tones with particular materials, colors, and astral light frequencies will instill an environment conducive for healing.   The resonance of these frequencies will modify the cells of our body back into a natural healthy state of vibration.


A variety of construction techniques will be employed in the design of the Oculi Sound Chamber.  The architectural goals of the site design are:

    • To restore our connection to Earth with the vibrational resonance of sound, light, and cosmic ambiance.
    • To embody elegant and innovative sustainable systems.
    • To bridge modern cosmology with indigenous cultural aesthetics; specifically, how these ancient cultures interpreted their place on Earth into cosmological dwelling expressions.


The totality of this dwelling contributes and assists in the therapeutic benefits stated above, as well as, readjusting the body’s circadian rhythms entrained by natural light cycles.  Once completed, the OculiSound Chamber will be a revolutionary restorative, sustainable habitat where anyone can bath in the harmonic music of earth and the cosmos.


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Architectural Innovation meets Science of Wellness