Variety of New Normative Homes and Landscaping

Design Team: Simon Koumjian III, Simon Koumjian Assoc. & SKIII SpaceVariations, LLC


Construction Budgets Ranging: $300,000 – $ 650,000 +


The design challenges were focused on a Vernacular style for new homes and buildings as favored by each client’s specific requirements over the past decades; customizing each client’s home floor plans, interiors, elevations, and landscaping aesthetics, along with integrated lighting designs.


The vernacular style projects rang from new Suburban Housing Developments,  to a variety of remodel and  new additions.

Another suburban housing development challenge was  to design nineteen house variations, on nineteen Lots, for a developer- retail sale values at that time ranged: $ 370,000 – $475,000. The houses were in a variety of natural building materials and textures with specific vernacular architectural styles, yet without a ‘cookie cutter’ effect for the development.



Architectural Innovation meets Science of Wellness